Capture & Share Risks

Detailed risk capture with fields customized to your information needs

Risk Levels

Multiple levels of risk, enabling organizational, portfolio, departmental, and project/operational risks to be captured and linked

Risk Analysis

Review and analyze Risk History by risk type, owner and level


Dynamic reporting tools e.g. HeatMap & Risk Timeline

We have you Covered!

Risk Quadrant supports you in planning, decision-making and implementation. Its easily customizable fields, multiple mitigation plan options and elegant reports, synchronized online and on your mobile device, give you the flexibility to manage risks as you need to, with clear, concise reports.

Your Risk Portfolio in One Place

Examine the complete portfolio of your organization’s risks, consider how those individual risks interrelate, and develop an appropriate risk mitigation plan to address these risks. Link them to contextual information to ensure that individual projects are aligned with your organization’s long term strategy and overall risk appetite.

You are in Control

Risk Quadrant puts you in control, providing a framework to monitor the potential threats and opportunities that may affect your organization, and respond quickly and decisively to ensure that the right action is taken if they occur. With an engaging, transparent risk profile representations, Risk Quadrant empowers operational and strategic decision makers at every level in your organization.

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